Water, wind, body, equipment.
The parameters are still the same.
Water has endless rides to offer .
Enjoy. Respect. Share.
25 years have passed, at the speed of 25

Windsurfing, SUP, Wing and Foil

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Established in 1984, Glaridis Sport became a leading company in providing equipment and accessories for water sports and especially for Windsurfing, Kite, Sup, Foil, Ski, Wakeboarding and Canoe Kayaking, but as well as snow sports. Our vision is the Glaridis Sport, through the online store 4-Sports.gr tο be a benchmark in the field of water sports, but at the same meets the needs of winter sports.

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We pride ourselves on a portfolio of brands that cater to a variety of preferences and priorities, meeting ever-evolving consumer tastes and providing a range of products to meet expectations.

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Our Facebook page “Used Boards” is the go-to source for quality used windsurfing equipment.